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With the experience and knowledge gained from competing and winning in the BRSCC Nankang Tyre BMW Compact Cup, along with Ginetta G55 race winning experience and multiple Karting championships behind me,  I can help you gain a better knowledge and understanding of how a race car operates and how to manage the race cars optimum performance.  It is my goal to exceed your personal targets! 


I help newbies learn the basic fundamentals of motorsport,  if you'd like to really push yourself against the best in the sport, I offer an intensive coaching package. I coach young karters right through to professional motorsport. 

My services include, In-car coaching along with video and data analysis, I also work with you mentally unlocking your full potential when it comes down to preparation for a race, remaining calm in a race situation, attacking racecraft when it counts and car management skills.  

            "BELIEVE TO ACHIEVE" 

A message from Robert Marshall 

"From the first moment I met Steven, he filled me full of confidence, he took me out and gave me one to one training, giving clear precise instruction, even in a noisy racecar it was clear what he was instructing me to do. He gave me great feedback and reviewed my driving, listed my strengths and weaknesses and helped me improve in the areas where needed. The real eye opener was going out with him on track as his passenger for the first time, makes you realise what is possible or what could be possible. Highly recommend his coaching and a passenger ride with him is a must!"

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